Water Wheel Restoration

Old Westmoreland Water Wheel

and Mill House Restoration Fundraiser

Westmoreland Heights Community Association

The iconic and historic water wheel at the entrance of Westmoreland Heights was erected in 1923, designed by the famed architect Charles I. Barber of Barber and McMurry Architects. Initially it provided water from a private spring to the area until 1928, at which time it became only ornamental. Since 1928 it has been the property of the Westmoreland Heights HOA, relying on private funding for its maintenance and preservation.

In preparation for the 100th birthday of this historic treasure it has become apparent that costly and urgent restoration work is needed to preserve the structure for future generations. The slate roof is in a state of disrepair, allowing water entry, risking deterioration of the wooden substructure. Additionally the original door needs to be replaced, and electrical wiring redone and brought up to city codes. Being on the National Register of Historic Places, all of this restorative work needs to be done while maintaining the historical and architectural integrity of the structure, making the project even more costly.

Significant private donations are urgently needed to restore and maintain this wonderful structure. We are asking for donations from all neighbors of Westmoreland Heights, as well as any other interested individuals. Tax-deductible donations may be made in one of two ways through Knox Heritage:

1.Personal checks should be written to Knox Heritage, specifying “Water Wheel Fund” so that the donation is channeled into the correct account, or
2. Secure credit card donations may be made to the following link through Knox Heritage:

Respectfully yours,
Westmoreland Heights Community Association
Peter Chilian, President