The decisions we make today impact future generations. Knox Heritage has a mission to preserve, restore and transform historic places in order to protect our community’s character for everyone to enjoy. We work hard to protect and raise awareness of what is beautiful and irreplaceable in East Tennessee.

Historic preservation is a dynamic and powerful movement that focuses on the educational, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, social, and economic impact of our historic resources. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, we have an ambitious mission, but we cannot do it alone. Whether you live downtown, in the suburbs, or within our 16-county region, if you love Knoxville and East Tennessee we welcome your generous, tax-deductible donation to preserve our rich historical legacy.


  • Membership
    Connect with other preservation enthusiasts, stay informed, and enjoy special benefits by becoming a member. A broad membership base is important because it provides essential funding for fulfilling our mission and strengthens our influence in the community. Membership in Knox Heritage also supports important historic sites such as Westwood and the Airplane Filling Station.
  • Corporate Giving (sponsorships)
    Corporate support is essential to the important work of historic preservation. As a Knox Heritage Preservation Partner, your business becomes part of a powerful preservation movement. We invite you to connect to a growing community of donors that include community leaders, architects, real estate professionals, historians, academics, public servants, and others through events, advertising, and in-kind donations.
  • Fund Donations
    Contribute to the Historic Properties Fund, our historic real estate rehabilitation program that has renovated homes in Old North, Fourth & Gill, Parkridge and other areas of Knoxville as well as impressive regional preservation projects such as the Alexander Inn in Oak Ridge. Add to the Knox Heritage Endowment Fund held at the East Tennessee Foundation to ensure our organization has a strong financial foundation for the future. The Historic Westwood Fund ensures the stewardship of this National Register Historic Home of Knoxville.
  • Honorary and Memorial Gifts
    Celebrate an occasion, remember a loved one, or recognize someone special with an honorary or memorial gift to Knox Heritage. They’re a wonderful way to celebrate those for whom preserving and protecting the architectural, historical and cultural character of East Tennessee is important. Knox Heritage acknowledges all gifts by mail and notifies all gift recipients of your generosity.
  • Planned Giving
    Irrevocable gifts like charitable remainder annuity trusts and revocable gifts like wills, life insurance policies and retirement and pension plans benefit you, your loved ones and Knox Heritage for a lifetime. Planned gift donors also enjoy lower income, estate, and capital gains taxes. Consult with your financial and/or tax advisors to develop a plan that’s right for you.
  • Volunteer
    We are grateful for the many volunteers who support us annually by working with the Historic Westwood docent program, our many committees, our annual Summer Suppers and other fundraising events, and more to keep our mission active and growing in the community.