Woods & Taylor (48)

36 Market Square

36 Market Square was built in 1901 and housed the wholesale dry goods and retail company Hale, Hicks & Company in 1901 and 1902. From 1903 until 1905 the building was home to The Knoxville Dry Goods Company. In late 1905, S.H. George was operating a small men’s clothing, furnishings, and shoe store at 34 Market Square, next door to 36 Market Square. The business was called George Brothers & Shoemate Company. In 1906, the company moved into 36 Market Square and renamed the business, S.H. George & Sons. In 1912 S.H. George & Sons moved to a new location on Gay Street and Woods & Taylor, a clothing and furnishings wholesale business, moved in. Woods & Taylor were a staple on Market Square from 1912 until 1934.

Over the years, 36 Market Square has been home to many Knoxville businesses including: the diner Papa John’s, a jeweler, a beauty parlor, a candy shop, a cigar shop, a cobbler, an optician, and a record store called Grandpappy’s.

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