The Candy Factory (66)


1060 World’s Fair Park Drive

This five-story brick structure was built circa 1916, as the new factory and headquarters for South, Littlefield & Steere Company. It was the fourth building for the very successful candy company previously located downtown. In 1901, it was manufacturing a full line of handmade bon bons, chocolates, marshmallows, mixtures, and much more in the line of confectioneries. By 1909, the company was shipping its candies to 21 states and sold more than 400 different kinds of candy.

The business closed in 1933 (after moving to Clinch Avenue), reportedly not due to the Depression but because the owners decided to go into different business ventures. By 1946, the building was used as a warehouse for Miller’s Department Store. In the late 1970s, the Knoxville Community Development Corporation took over the building for use in the 1982 World’s Fair. The Candy Factory was renovated for reuse as an arts complex with office, gallery, and rehearsal spaces, as well as a new candy factory. The building has been renovated and is currently condominiums.

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