Saint John’s Episcopal Church (63)


413 West Cumberland Avenue

St. John’s Episcopal Church was designed by J.W. Yost of Columbus, Ohio, and was built in 1892 under the supervision of the Knoxville architectural firm Baumann Brothers. The congregation was formed in 1826, but in 1891, the original building was razed to make room for a larger facility.

The structure is built in the Latin-cross form with low towers at the crossing and at the south end. The stone composing the marble exterior was cut to exact dimensions by the Georgia Marble Company, and the interior finish is quarter-sawn red oak. After a fire in 1919, many of the original stained-glass windows were destroyed, but these elements have been restored.

It was the home church of James Agee, who was baptized here in 1910, and who sang in the choir. Of the few buildings associated with his life that are still standing, this may be the one most intimately associated with his life. It was also the home church of Clarence Brown, Joseph Wood Krutch, and (before they built this building) Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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