L&N Freight Depot (68)

806 World’s Fair Park Drive

The L&N Freight Depot was built in 1903–1904 and rebuilt in 1922 after a fire claimed a reported loss of $500,000 to the building and its contents. The depot was used for freight service until 1979. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad, generally known as the L&N, was chartered by the State of Kentucky in 1850 and operated under that name for 132 years. One of the premier railways in the South, the L&N extended its reach far beyond its namesake cities, ultimately building a network of nearly 7,000 miles of track.

The current Depot was reconstructed on the foundation of the original building, with Renaissance Revival styling and a Mission-style influence. The interior construction included a structural steel freestanding frame inside the old walls and concrete flooring. During the 1982 World’s Fair, it housed a fine-arts museum, which included a Rembrandt and a Murillo.

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