Holston National Bank (25)


531 South Gay Street

This building was designed by architect John Kevan Peebles of Norfolk, Virginia, and built by Fuller Construction Company of New York. When the Holston National Bank was completed in 1913, it was only 12 stories tall. Two more stories were added to the building in 1928, when Holston National merged with Union National to form Holston–Union.

The Holston–Union closed in late 1930, as the impact of the Wall Street crash took its toll on many banks and businesses. In April 1931, the Hamilton National Bank was formed in Knoxville and opened at this location. It remained an influential bank in Knoxville until 1975, when it was acquired and reorganized by Jake Butcher as United American Bank. United American Bank failed spectacularly in 1983. The building was eventually sold by the FDIC and used by Charter Federal Bank. The building underwent a total restoration and was converted into luxury condominiums by Dewhirst Properties in 2009.

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