Dr. S.M. Miller Building / Knoxville Business College (33)


209 West Church Avenue

This structure was built in 1893 to house Dr. S.M. and Dr. S.R. Miller’s medical offices and residences, before S.M. Miller moved to the Ely Building in 1903. From 1916 to 1944, the building also housed other physicians’ offices and apartments. In 1921, the building was renamed Martha Apartments, and in 1944, Knoxville Business College bought and occupied the building. Knoxville Business College moved from the site and relocated to N. Fifth Avenue in 1982, the same year this 7,750-square-foot building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The building is architecturally significant both for the quality of its façade, and as a rare, surviving local example of the once common combination of doctor’s office and residence. The building is noted for the rough-cut stonework in the façade and the dominant keyhole-shaped entrance. It has since been renovated into condominiums.

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