Cherokee Building (42)


400 West Church Avenue

Built circa 1895, the Cherokee Building’s first floor was home to Knoxville Business College and School of Shorthand in 1910 and was at that time described as having “all modern conveniences,” including electric fans, a phone system, solid oak desks for each student, 15 typewriters of the latest model, a mimeograph machine, filing cabinets, a cloak room, and a lunch room. The building was home to a grocery store and apartments in the 1930s and ‘40s as well as Knoxville Metaphysical Library, a Baha’i amenity.

The Cherokee Building is part of the South Market Historic District, and the history of the area includes the home of several businesses marketing East Tennessee marble and an association with the medical profession. It was common in downtown to combine offices and residential uses in one building.

The Cherokee Building has now been renovated into condominiums by Dewhirst Properties.

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