Historic Overlay Grant

Program Overview
Knox Heritage, with funding from the City of Knoxville’s Preservation Fund, is offering limited grant funding to eligible homeowners residing within one of the City of Knoxville’s Historic (H) Overlay districts. The intent of the Grant Fund program is to assist eligible homeowners with replacements or repairs to important architectural elements as approved through the Historic Zoning Commission Certificate of Appropriateness process. It will also reimburse the Historic Zoning Commission application fee in full For Level I or II.

This is a reimbursement program that will reimburse a qualifying amount of project expenses. Applicants must be able to pay for all project costs in advance. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date the application is received. All projects must be completed by December 1, 2020. Knox Heritage retains the right to approve or deny all applications received. A limited amount of funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Qualifying Expenses
Qualifying expenses up to $2,000 per project may be reimbursed through this program. Qualifying expenses must be associated with replacement or repair to exterior architectural elements that contribute to the historic designation for the property. Repair or replacement for original or unique windows, front doors, columns, decorative brackets, and porch railings are all examples of potentially eligible project expenses.

Eligibility Requirements
Property owners must reside in the residence seeking gap funding for projects. The program does not apply to commercial or rental properties. Be sure to verify that your property is located in an official Historic Overlay zone which may be different from a “historic district”.
Total income for all residents must be 100% of median income or lower.

Appropriate Projects
Routine repair and replacement of wood wall covering
Routine repair of masonry wall covering.
Routine repair of wood windows.
Routine repair or replacement of architectural elements or materials, to include porch details, columns, and railings.
Routine repair or replacement of porch floors of ceilings.
Routine repair of original exterior entry doors.

Inappropriate Projects
New Construction
Exterior Painting
Retaining Walls
Installation of new exterior entry doors

More Information
Historic Overlay Grant Overview
Historic Overlay Grant Fund Application

To Apply
Please contact Hollie Cook at 865-523-8008 ext. 3 or hcook@knoxheritage.org.