Revolving Fund

A charitable contribution to the Knox Heritage Revolving Fund will impact our community again and again.


The Knox Heritage Revolving Fund is an integral part of our mission to preserve structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Since the first house restoration in 1999, Knox Heritage has become a leader in the field of historic resource preservation .

The Knox Heritage Revolving Fund is a restricted fund dedicated solely to difficult preservation of place. We purchase endangered properties and embark on renovations to save their unique architecture and presence in a neighborhood. These renovation projects would likely not be undertaken by a private developer. Knox Heritage combines financial resources from the Revolving Fund with grants and donations to make them financially viable. Upon completion, new property owners take over and we have helped stabilize and improve a historic neighborhood while recapturing the funds used for use on another project.


This fascinating property was saved from demolition by moving it across the street. The house itself tells a compelling story of the history of the Fort Sanders neighborhood.

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A preservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement that protects a significant historic, archaeological, or cultural resource. An easement provides assurance to the owner of a historic or cultural property that the property’s intrinsic values will be preserved through subsequent ownership. Certain tax benefits may result for certified historic properties.

Knox Heritage currently holds several easements on historic properties and is prepared to assist with this process. Please review our Preservation Easement Program information packet. Additional information on easements may be found in this National Park Service publication or in this National Trust publication.

Please note that easements are legal tools defined by Tennessee State Law (and, if federal tax incentives are sought, by federal law) and the advice and assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, tax adviser, appraiser, and/or other professionals should be sought prior to using this tool. The National Trust offers a preservation easement Q & A that is helpful. For tax benefits associated with such easements, please review this information and refer to IRS guidelines.

To apply for donating an easement to Knox Heritage, please download and submit this Application for Preservation Easement.

Project Approval
If you own a property with an easement held by Knox Heritage, please be sure to submit an application for Project Approval.

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Donating a property to a 501(c)3 historic preservation organization like Knox Heritage may be the best solution for saving the structure, protecting it and moving forward with revitalization efforts. Through this process, there may be a tax deduction for the value of the donation as well as reduced capital gains taxes if the property has appreciated substantially while under one ownership. There is assurance that the property will be protected with a preservation easement going forward (controlling exterior changes and prohibiting demolition). For current owners, a donation may offer timely relief from managing expenses involved with maintenance and ownership. Finally, preservation organizations like Knox Heritage can assist with finding a preservation-minded new owner who will commit to renovating the property and proper maintenance going forward under our organization’s professional observation. Every property is unique and comes with a different story and a different solution for preservation. The goal of Knox Heritage is to assist with these transitions and produce a positive outcome for all parties involved.

To apply for donating a property to Knox Heritage, please download and submit this Application for Property Donation.

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