Inaugural Edition - The Preservationists

The Knox Heritage Board of Directors and our staff has been looking forward to sharing this inaugural edition of The Preservationists with you. It takes the support of many individuals to accomplish our mission and we welcome this opportunity to celebrate and recognize the generosity of our donors and their commitment to preservation in East Tennessee as we enter our 46th year of service to the community.

Knox Heritage continues to hone its focus and resources to provide the greatest impact within the community. As active preservationists, we take seriously our role as the stewards of two National Register properties (Historic Westwood and the Airplane Filling Station) while protecting several more historic properties through protective easements. As restorers, we target blighted or threatened properties for renovation utilizing our Historic Properties Revolving Fund. We are transformative to the conversations surrounding preservation through extensive educational programming, advocacy work, the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance (our regional network), and special events that connect people to historic places.

This is a special moment in time and the decisions we make today impact future generations. That is what drives the Knox Heritage mission to preserve structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Since 1974, we have been the historic preservation experts, protecting and raising awareness of what is beautiful and irreplaceable in East Tennessee. Thank you for being “preservation heros” and for helping us do just that.

Check it out:

The Preservationists – PDF