Summer Suppers

7/31 - Wanderlust at Westwood

Saturday, July 31, 2021 | 6:00 PM
50 Guests | $150 per person
Historic Westwood | 3425 Kingston Pike
Date & Time Saturday July 31st 2021 6:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Historic Westwood
3425 Kingston Pike

Take a wanderlust trip through time to enjoy the foods, drinks, music and artistic flair of four iconic decades. Revisit the Gilded Age or Fox Trot your way through the Roaring Twenties. Do a jig in the Nifty 50’s and experience the Knoxville of today. Fun surprises await as you party through time. Interact with hosts from the decades. Dress to fit into your favorite decade if you like!

Please note, this event requires moving around on the Westwood property including a downhill/uphill walk to the Matheny Cottage. 


Be welcomed with a Wanderlust cocktail

The Gilded Age Salon (indoor/outdoor)
Brie and fig jam; roast beef, arugula, and horseradish cream sandwiches

A Great Gatsby Garden Party (outdoor)
Deviled eggs; ham biscuits with bee-sting glaze

A Nifty 50’s Cocktail Party (indoor/outdoor)
Gin punch
Seafood cocktail; Swedish meatballs

The New Knoxville (2021) (outdoor)
Modern spirits
Charcuterie; decadent desserts


Mike C. Berry*
Amy Fay Chandler
Michael Combs*
Vicki Foster
Marsha Grieve
Kyle Ann Lang
Steven Hinkle & Todd Morgan
Marla & John Peterson
Jennifer Roche
Lydia & Michael Toomey
Hollie Cook & Chris Tucker
Tyler Janow & Anthony Wilson


Summer Supper planning committee chairs and co-chairs are designated in the list of hosts with an *. Home/property owners are designated in the list of hosts with an **.

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