Neighborhood Revitalization

Healthy neighborhoods make great cities. What makes a neighborhood “healthy”? Many characteristics must come together to accomplish this: well-maintained buildings; a feeling of safety; stable property values; connection among neighbors; and access to services. Beyond these basics, really great neighborhoods stand out for their walkability, architectural character and sense of history within the development of the larger community. These are assets most often found in historic neighborhoods and Knox Heritage wants to help Knoxville’s historic areas reach their full potential.

Chilhowee Park Neighborhood


Knox Heritage, the City of Knoxville and the Chilhowee Park Neighborhood Association have partnered on neighborhood development strategies for Chilhowee Park. In the early 1900’s, Chilhowee Park  was home to prominent Knoxvillians who established themselves during the rapid economic growth of Knoxville. Learn more about Chilhowee Park, its history and its houses, by visiting our special Chilhowee Park page.