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14. The Lloyd Branson House - 1423 Branson Avenue


This house was built in 1920 by local artist Lloyd Branson (1853-1925).  In his later life, Branson developed the surrounding tract of land.  The street was named for him. An American artist well known for his portraits of Southern politicians and depictions of early East Tennessee history, Branson was one of the most influential figures in Knoxville's early art circles. He received training at the National Academy of Design in the 1870s and subsequently toured the great art centers of Europe. He was a mentor to fellow Knoxville artist Catherine Wiley and is credited with discovering the important African American painter Beauford Delaney. Branson's work was displayed in major New York galleries and a highlight of his career occurred in 1910 when his work, Hauling Marble, won the gold medal at Knoxville's Appalachian Exposition. Branson died suddenly on June 12, 1925. His funeral was in the house, and he is buried in Old Gray Cemetery.

Knox Heritage has committed to purchasing this home, rehabilitating it and selling it to a subsequent owner and resident.  Problems have arisen with the legal title to the home, and the City of Knoxville is pursuing acquisition in order to correct those title problems.  In the meantime, Knox heritage has taken steps to secure the home, repair leaks and associated water problems and maintain the lot. Knox Heritage encourages the City to continue its efforts to purchase the home and correct its title problems so that Knox Heritage can undertake its eventual rehabilitation.  Continued neglect must be avoided so this house is not lost as have been the homes once occupied by James Agee, Nikki Giovanni and Cormac McCarthy. 

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