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11. The Eugenia Williams House - 4848 Kingston Pike



Eugenia Williams was born to Dr. David H. Williams and Ella Cornick Williams in January 1900.  Dr. Williams was a prominent physician and one of the original financial backers who introduced Coca-Cola to East Tennessee.  In 1940, Eugenia commissioned her childhood friend, John Fanz Staub, to design her new residence.  Staub, a native Knoxvillian from one of the city's prominent families, is best known for designing homes for many of the wealthiest and most influential Texans, with a little over half of his design work located in Houston.  He was also the architect for the well-loved Hopecote on the UT Knoxville campus.  Miss. Williams' Regency-style home sits on 24 acres bordering the Tennessee River and Lyons View Pike and features a three-car garage with automatic garage door openers, which was a novelty in 1940.  In 1998, the house was willed to the University of Tennessee as a memorial to Eugenia's father.  For many years after her death, Miss. Williams' house was plagued by vandals and a lack of basic maintenance, but its character-defining details remain, and the house is still solid.  


We strongly encourage UT to move forward with plans for this signature property and mazimize its benefit to the University and the Knoxville area before it is too late.  Specifically, Knox Heritage stands ready to assist the University in navigating the legal means available to sell the property to a private buyer interested in fulfilling Miss. Williams' wishes that the house and property be preserved while benefitting the University and honoring her father.


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