Fragile 15 Announcement at Knoxville High School - May 15th 11:00A.M.


Knox Heritage will announce its 2017 list of the most endangered historic buildings and places in Knoxville and Knox County on Monday, May 15, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. The announcement will take place at Knoxville High School, 101 E. Fifth Avenue. The former Knoxville High School was itself on the Fragile 15 list from 2010 until 2013. The current owner of the iconic building, Dover Development, is in the process of restoring this beloved school building.

Every May during National Preservation Month, Knox Heritage releases its list of the most endangered historic buildings and places in Knox County to inform the public and local leaders about the plight of significant historic resources. Often, the endangered buildings and places are representative of issues that endanger other centerpieces of our heritage across the community.

The historic places included on the list are selected by the Knox Heritage Board of Directors from nominations received from members of Knox Heritage and the general public. The list provides a work plan for the organization over the next 12 months. Preservation strategies are developed for each site on the list and can include working with current property owners, government officials, citizens and/or potential new owners to preserve these important parts of Knox County’s heritage.