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August & September 2015

Artwork by Ashley Dawn Addair


Artist Statement: “For this series I’ve teamed up with hand-letterer and fellow mother, Mary Ann Watkins to explore the intricacies of caregiving. I am interested in the ways that bearing my children transformed my very being and the ways that nurturing their growth is a continued reverberation of that soul-shaking delivery. Thinking about the course of language as it collides with the raw experience of living and how we pass that method of shaping our world to our children was my motivation in asking Mary Ann to be a part of this project. I am totally intrigued with the forms of her own intimate experience of motherhood entangle themselves into my ideas and the ways this plays out in the dailyness of life as our families live alongside one another.” – ADA

Bio: Ashley Addair is a visual artist, mama of three, and a collector of chairs. She is a modern dancer and holds track and field records in the state of Illinois. She tells one joke every year at Christmas. If she weren’t a painter she would be a scientist. Ashley is an active member of her arts community in Knoxville, Tennessee and her paintings are collected internationally. For more information visit She is represented locally by The District Gallery where her work may be viewed.