Summer Suppers

Return To Brushy Mountain - SOLD OUT

Saturday, August 4, 2018 | 5:30 PM
100 Guests | $100 per person
Morgan County | Brushy Mountain
Date & Time Saturday August 4th 2018 5:30 pm – 4:58 pm
Morgan County
Brushy Mountain


We took you to Brushy Mountain in 2015 to see the “before”. Now, see the “after” as Brushy Mountain is transforming into a one-of-a-kind attraction. The castle-like prison, opened in 1896, has been referenced in novels such as Silence of the Lambs, Suttree, and The Firm. It leaves behind a library of legends, some dark and twisted, others comical, even uplifting. Hear more Brushy stories, see the new moonshine still, tour the prison, and meet the developers behind turning this iconic former penitentiary into America’s most unique tourist destination.


Brushy Moonshine Tasting

Brushy Mountain Ribs, Chicken & Pulled Pork

Convict’s Cole Slaw

Rocky Top Potato Salad

.Breakin’ Out Broccoli Casserole

Unconfined Cheesecake

Wine, Beer, and Iced Tea

Bread & Water, of course


Sally Baker
Christy & Scott Brooks
Mary Chappell Crabtree
Toni & Everis Engstrom
Michael Evon
Vicky Foster
Linda Garner
Barbara Garrow
Claude Gatlin
Sara Goodman
Hallie Hearnes
Mary Lou Henry
Sharon Kreis
Wesley Lee
Mickey Mallonee
Carroll McMahan
Gerry Myers
Bob Patterson
Diane Powell
Olivia Robbins
Chad Christian Rogers
Ray Smith
John Springer
Michael Toomey
Stephanie Wells

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