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Murder on the Knoxville Express - SOLD OUT

Sunday, July 22, 2018 | 5:30 PM
150 Guests | $100 per person
Knoxville’s Historic Train Mystery & Picnic at the Ramsey House | 2560 University Commons Way
Date & Time Sunday July 22nd 2018 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Knoxville’s Historic Train Mystery & Picnic at the Ramsey House
2560 University Commons Way

Take a ride with us on the Three Rivers Rambler, along the Tennessee River and back to the past, to explore one of the greatest literary mysteries of all time…

December 10, 1869: Knoxville’s first national literary star, George Washington Harris boarded the train in Lynchburg, VA, heading home after a successful meeting with his publisher. With him, George carried the only copy of his new collection of stories, Hard Times and High Times. As the train wound its way through a snowstorm in the East Tennessee Mountains, George would be stricken with a suspicious illness. George, unconscious, was taken to the Atkin Hotel. By the next morning, he lay dead, with the official cause listed as “unknown.” His valuable manuscript had vanished, never to be seen again.

As the Three Rivers Rambler winds its way to the Forks of the River, scenes (and clues!) from this historic whodunit will be presented to the passengers. At the end of the line, trolleys will meet the train to carry the guests to the antebellum peace of the Ramsey House for a picnic on the lawn. During the meal, the investigation will bring together all the information gathered on the train, giving the audience a chance to guess the solution to this famous puzzle.


Mr. Ramsey’s Sunday Sipper

Bonny Kate’s Revolutionary Nibbles

An Assortment of Swan Pond Summer Salads

Succulent Greens—Fresh From the Garden

Thorngrove Yeast Rolls

Fruit Cobblers & Sweet Delights


Annette & Scott Brun
Martha Buchanan
Gayle Bustin
Mary Pom Claiborne &
John Bradley
Dawn & Janie Distler
Marsha & Duane Grieve
Kim Henry
Angela Howard
Karen Kluge
Kim & Kent Lauth
Kim & Louis Nelson
Ellen Robinson & Peter Acly
Kate Spears
Laura Still
Danielle & Mike Stokes
Julianne Texada
Jeff Wilke

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