Summer Suppers

From Hamilton House to the White House

Saturday, July 8, 2017 | 6:00 PM
44 Guests | $165 per person
Sequoyah Hills | 400 Kenesaw Avenue
Date & Time Saturday July 8th 2017 6:00 pm – 12:49 pm
Sequoyah Hills
400 Kenesaw Avenue


In 1962, John Glenn made the first orbit around the Earth, the Beatles recorded their first album, the Vietnam War was escalating, and Hamilton House was constructed in the middle of Sequoyah  Hills.  Designed by Chalfant of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with Good & Goodstein Architects (who also designed Thompson Boling Arena), and built by developer Earl Worsham, Hamilton House began life as an apartment complex with four buildings. In 1978, Robert  Sheridan,  a  developer  out  of  Chicago, converted the apartments into some of Knoxville’s first condominiums.

It was also during 1962 that Jackie Kennedy made historic preservation “cool” and led the first televised tour of the White House, showing America the results of its complete restoration. Jackie brought a touch of class to everythingto include her White House menus. Return to the days of “Camelot,” touring several unique and wonderful Hamilton House condos. Then gather in the central plaza to savor a recreation of the Kennedys’ first state dinner from May 3, 1961.


The Jackie Cocktail, Wine, Beer & Assorted Canapés

Medaillons de Saumon (Medallions of Cold Salmon)

Carré d’Agneau Bouquetiere (Roast Lamb with Vegetables)

Coeurs de Laitue & Plateau de Fromages (Salad and Cheese)

Couronne Glacée Impériale & Petits-fours Sec (Molded Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream & Pastries)

Demi-tasse (Coffee)



Gail Anderson*
Linda Bailey
Ellen Bebb & Finbarr Saunders
Julie &  Leroy Bible*
Linda Gay Blanc & Marshall Peterson
Sharon & Steve Brenner*
Randall DeFord & Wes Goddard
Ashley & Peter Glander
Chris Kahn
Elisa & Roy King
Margot & Jim Kline
Suzette & Steve Lemson*
Rosa Mar
Tara L. McCall
Kevin Murphy
Keith Richardson
Lee Ann Rogers & Steve Drevik
Lou Smith & Paul Parris

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