Summer Suppers

Branson Brand New

Saturday, July 29, 2017 | 6:00 PM
40 Guests | $90 per person
north knoxville | 1423 branson avenue
Date & Time Saturday July 29th 2017 6:00 pm – 1:44 pm
north knoxville
1423 branson avenue


Discover 1423 Branson Avenue—a house built for famed Knoxville artist Lloyd Branson, nearly lost to history. Knox Heritage purchased and renovated the long-neglected property after learning of its notable past from a surviving Branson cousin.

Lloyd Branson (1825–1925) was an American artist known for his portraits of Southern politicians and depictions of early East Tennessee history. He was a mentor to fellow Knoxville artist Catherine Wiley and is credited with discovering 21st Century modernist Beauford Delaney.

Join us for a casual supper celebrating this enigmatic Union County farm boy artist, Knoxville’s ‘native genius’ and, best of all, meet the lovely young family who now call this historic house their own.


Blue Tide Signature Cocktail, Wine & Beer

Kid Curried Meatballs

Women at Work White Gazpacho

Bohemian Beans & Greens Salad

Farm to Fame Vegetable Fricassee

Chicago to Paris Potatoes

Branson Avenue Smokehouse Meats

The Toilers’ Chocolate Torte


Lauren & Chris Brakebill*
Jaybee Brennan & Chris Manning
Matt Brockway
Amy Brooks
Gayle Burnett
Lori Campbell
Ellen & Matt DeVoe
Janet & Paul Hogan
Mary & Dan Holbrook
Gail Jarvis & John Cate
Katie King
Carolyn & Ron Lawrence
Sara & Sean Martin*
Lauren & Steven Rider
Meg Staton
Melynda Whetsel

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