Power of Preservation Luncheon


On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Knox Heritage will hold its second annual Power of Preservation Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at The Press Room. Please support local preservation efforts and help us celebrate National Preservation Month by attending this event.

This luncheon is a special occasion for several reasons. Ethiel Garlington, Executive Director of the Historic Macon Foundation (HMF), will be our guest speaker. Ethiel will be sharing details about the transformative power of the HMF real estate program and its impact on Macon neighborhoods. The Luncheon will also spotlight Knox Heritage’s vision for growing an equally transformative Vintage Properties Fund using HMF as a model. In addition, we will announce publicly for the first time the 2018 Fragile & Fading list, our annual list of historic places in peril formerly known as the Fragile 15.

Please join us for this special event on May 15. There is power in numbers and the Luncheon is an excellent opportunity to network and learn more about the roles each person and organization can play in building a preservation ethic within our communities. At the end of this luncheon, attendees will be asked to make a donation to support Knox Heritage’s Vintage Properties Fund. There is no obligation to donate, but we are confident the power of our work along with our vision for the future will inspire a gift to support it.

We are very pleased to have HomeTrust Bank as our sponsor this year. Since 1974, Knox Heritage has been on the front lines of preserving our region’s rich past for a vibrant future. A powerful Vintage Properties Fund is the key to continuing this tradition.


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